Front-end engineer


I love to build with NextJS and TypeScript. Besides that, I have dabbled a little bit in Python, Lua, Svelte, and Bash. I find all technologies interesting and am planning on playing around with Go, eventually transitioning into full-stack (real full stack, not just JS + CRUD). I used to work on macOS but I switched to Linux (Pop!_OS) and do not think I'll be going back. Linux is so much faster, macOS feels is sluggish.


Because I love compilers

Hello, in 2024, using JavaScript is frowned upon, although I still enjoy using dollar signs, aka jQuery. However, my time is not precious and I love wasting hours messing with compilers and .tsconfigs, so TypeScript it is:any.


But exploring Qwik, Solid, or Svelte is starting to itch

Fun fact I actually started the world of modern frameworks by learning NextJS, React only came during my employmenet. I think NextJS has a better DX but they are one pot nat as we say in the dutchland. Also interessted in Svelte, Qwik, Solid or any other signal based framework.


Goes hand in hand with NextJS ofcourse.

I prefer the DX and handy features NextJS offers, but i'm well aware that in the coorporate world most will be longlasting React projects not finding the need to upgrade to Next

Databases / BaaS / SQ(lite,noSQL,Postgress)

BaaS, ORM's and raw SQL

I love using BaaS for quick projects. Firebase is my goto but lately I have been exploring Convex which basically is SQL. At work we use GraphQL which then uses Postgress. I have also used MongoDB and SQLite for smaller projects. Also used Prisma and Drizzle as ORM but they are not needed when using a BaaS. And for the heck of it i'd like to write raw sql queries, but there's only so much time.

CSS / Styled Components / SASS / Tailwind

Styling the web

I love building UIs. I've lost count of how many different kinds of UIs I've built. I started off with native CSS, later moved to SCSS which we used at an agency, and even built my own starter-kit/boilerplate. Nowadays, for private projects, I use TailwindCSS because of the DX. At my job, we use styled components which was something I had to get used to, but I see the beauty of it.


The language of the web

I started off my career writing good old jQuery. Later on, a little KnockoutJS got added, which I still despise 🤒. Nowadays, for private projects, I exclusively write TypeScript except for some handy utility Node scripts. At work, we still have our codebase in JS, so there I write JSX. I've done a little Vue and Svelte, and I'm down for all variants as long as it's in the ecosystemotion. I love exploring.

Visual Studio Code

My go-to code editor

The performance is terrible on big TypeScript projects. It drives me crazy sometimes, but alternatives also don't don't do it for me. I have dozends of custom shortcut configurations to fly through my IDE. For small projects and quick editing, I use NeoVim like a real man. But due to skill issues, I haven't been able to switch entirely.


For efficient text editing

Like I said, trying to become a real man. I do know how to quit it, except for when sharing my screen in meetings, then I seem to blackout. I'm way faster with Vim bindings and performance is also great, but it's a long road to become a Vim master.


I have a degree in Graphic Design. Although I don't actively design anymore and back when I did we used Photoshop and sliced each component individually, I still prototype and dabble around in some designs here and there. Especially with the new AI features. Sometimes I even opt for the good old Photoshop suite.

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