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Hello there! Remco here

I am a recovering ex-Magento developer and currently building open source software at Pleio. Primarily working with TypeScript & Next.js, have done a little Python, Shell & Lua, and want to learn Go, OCaml, and, and and and.... ⌛

Lemmer, the Netherlands



I love to build with NextJS and TypeScript. Besides that, I have dabbled a little bit in Python, Lua, Svelte, and Bash. I find all technologies interesting and am planning on playing around with Go, eventually transitioning into full-stack (real full stack, not just JS + CRUD). I used to work on macOS but I switched to Linux (Pop!_OS) and do not think I'll be going back. Linux is so much faster, macOS feels is sluggish.


Because I love compilers

Hello, in 2024, using JavaScript is frowned upon, although I still enjoy using dollar signs, aka jQuery. However, my time is not precious and I love wasting hours messing with compilers and .tsconfigs, so TypeScript it is:any.


But exploring Qwik, Solid, or Svelte is starting to itch

Fun fact I actually started the world of modern frameworks by learning NextJS, React only came during my employmenet. I think NextJS has a better DX but they are one pot nat as we say in the dutchland. Also interessted in Svelte, Qwik, Solid or any other signal based framework.


Goes hand in hand with NextJS ofcourse.

I prefer the DX and handy features NextJS offers, but i'm well aware that in the coorporate world most will be longlasting React projects not finding the need to upgrade to Next


As any hobby developer I tend to start a lot of projects but never finish themotion. This site for instance, is probably the 10th itteration. Althrough most projects are not done or even abbandoned, they are showworthy.

Personal All-in-One Dashboard

A collection of tools I've built. WiP

A personal dashboard which (eventually) will contain all my tools I've built. HTML to TSX converter, (reverse) geo-location tool, SVG to pseudo-CSS, n...


Custom Commitizen Adapter

Makes it look like you know what you're doing

A custom adapter for Commitizen to standardize commit messages.

Password Manager Prototype

A prototype password manager

An assessment I've made. No back-end allowed, all local storage and not encrypted/hashed. Purely an MVP prototype.
NextJS 15 RC
React 19
Local Storage
Server actions

WhatsApp Status Scraper

Rework postponed: An automated scraper for WhatsApp statuses

No, I don't condone stalking, but I love exploring new technologies. I've built a Python Selenium Chromedriver WhatsApp status scraper but wanted more...

And so much more... I also have a snippets site, guides, notes, and other handy resources for my personal use.


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